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instaLens is a range of five magnetically attachable optical lenses compatible with any and every cellphone, tablet or device with an inbuilt camera.

Definition: Even your phone needs a little visual UV protection sometimes, so we created the instaLens polarizer, because we couldn’t find a pair of sunglasses to suit every model of phone. This little fella can be adjusted to block all sorts of lightwaves, increase colour intensity and saturation, balance exposure, and eliminate glare and reflection entirely, depending on the shot you’re trying to catch.

Specs: 100% polarized awesomeness.

Directions: In this modern age of technological wonder, most phones have some sort of built-in automatic exposure adjustment setting. The polarizer’s magic far exceeds any pesky auto-correct, so switch it off, please. From here, twist the polarizer to play with different polarization levels until your shot is well and truly ‘gram-worthy.

Specialties: Let’s put it this way – anytime you’re feeling the need to squint, reach for your sunglasses or shield your eyes from the sun, your phone is begging to be instapolarized. You’ll be answering your phone’s prayers by using the instaLens polarizer next time you snap a sunrise/set, a photo of the ocean or beach, a beautiful field of colourful flowers, or any sunny landscape or outdoor shot. And yes, you did indeed just hear your phone let out a giant ‘hallelujah’.

  • Colour: Black
  • Brand: instaLens
  • Diameter: 2cm
  • Height: 1cm
  • Material: Glass/Aluminium
  • Origin: South Africa

* as the exact dimensions and nature of the camera lens vary between every model and make of cellphone on the market, the effect of each instaLens will vary slightly between each model of phone.

** the iphone 6 plus, samsung galaxy note 4, S6 and S6 Edge are not compatible with the instaLens fisheye, instaLens Super and instaLens Telephoto.

Ipod 4/5
Galaxy S2 to S6 Edge
Iphone 4 to 6 Plus
Galaxy Note 1 to 4
One/One X
Ipad Mini/Retina Mini
Nexus, Captiva, Droid Intensity
Droid Incredible/Dna
Ipad 3/4 Air
Galaxy Tab (All Version)
Windows Phone 8x

Nexus 1,4,5 & 7
Lumia Series
Photon Q
Bold Series
Antrix HD
Curve Series

Droid Razr/Razr Maxx/X
Xperia Z1
Nexus 4
Razr M
Xperia Z2
Optimus G/G Pro
Rhoton Q
Xperia Z3
Atrix HD
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